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dallas woods


At a young age Dallas Woods developed the uncanny ability to find humour in the most unlikely places. Poverty, suicide, abuses of all kinds are a common theme in his life yet its relentless exposure has provided him with the mettle to cut-through society’s demons so he can apply words to his tsunami of feelings and thoughts.


Dallas writes with a wealth of humility, knowledge and experience; it’s his coping mechanism.

A Noongar man raised in the E.K. [Wyndham – East Kimberley] Dallas is a quintessential underdog who dropped out of school at age 14, however destined to do great things this didn't stop Dallas from finding his feet, travelling Australia teaching young people Hip Hop eventually lead Dallas on the path of recording his own music.

Dallas releases his debut track 9 x out of 10, continues to write and perform with Baker Boy and has plans in the works to release an EP to coincide with his support slot on Baker Boy’s national tour this May and June.

Dallas' debut track 9 times out of 10 raps about the power-trip police have in remote aboriginal communities and how their overt presence is a normal occurrence to him and the residents living there. Dallas Woods raps with clever humour about the stigma of being young, black and breaking the cycle of oppression from within community.

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