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REGURGITATOR formed Brisbane late 1993 by core members Quan Yeomans and Ben Ely. They have numerous releases recorded in idiosyncratic scenarios: Tu-Plang (1996) in the jungle outside Bangkok; the triple platinum selling Unit (1997) in a condemned Fortitude Valley warehouse; …art (1999) in a sun soaked Byron Bay beach house; Eduardo & Rodriguez Wage War on T-Wrecks (2001) in the thick cigar smoke of Andy Gill’s London lounge-room; Mishmash (2004) in a glass box in Federation Square ala Band in a Bubble parody of reality shows; Love and Paranoia (2007) in a bullet riddled studio under the looming rock arms of Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro ; Superhappyfuntimesfriends (2011) in Ben's Melbourne shop: and the lastest Dirty Pop Fantasy in Hong Kong. They have toured all over Australia, NZ, Japan, UK, Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East along with numerous festivals including the Big Day Out.


Still touring and flooring it… more than ever they find themselves extending the vitality of their live performances, continuing to infuse them with exuberance, mania and their mashedup motion of rock, punk, electro, funk, pop, where it goes vibes.

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