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the terrys


Hailing from Gerringong NSW, Jacob Finch (vocals), Lukas Anderson (lead guitar) and Ben Salvo (rhythm guitar) began teaching each other to jam in their shared trailer house, owned by landlord/legend, Terry… Many noise complaints and two additional members later, Cameron Cooper (drums) and Trent Cooper (bass), Terry agreed to lend the fully formed band his name, and at last, the almighty Tezzas were born. The Terrys released their debut single ‘Video Games’ in June 2020 and quickly began to build a cult following of terodactyls. Wasting no time releasing more music, ‘Penny’, ‘Wise Man (acoustic)’ and ‘Aqua Plane ft. Scraps’ followed within months. The Terrys continued to concur 2020, announcing their very own ‘Tezz Fest’ which sold out across Wollongong and Sydney within days and released ‘Pesos’, which received acclaim from the likes of Life Without Andy and named in the top 20 Australian Songs of the year by the AU Review. 

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